How Much Is My Houston Car Accident Worth?


You have been through lots of pain and suffering and prolonged treatment sessions with all the inconvenience in life to get to this point, what can you get as fair compensation for your losses?  To answer this first and most important question from our clients, our personal injury lawyer must look at your specific situation and analyze these factors:

  • Who is at fault? Is there shared responsibility between several persons?
  • What is the total cost of your medical bills?  What will be the cost of your future medical expenses until you have reached your maximum level of recovery?
  • What type of treatment or therapy have you received? Could additional specilized treatment be required to improve your condition?
  • What was the extent of the damages to the vehicle? What other property losses, if any, did you incur?
  • What type of insurance did the other driver hold?
  • How were your personal life and the lives of your loved ones affected as a result of your injury?

By asking lots of questions and becoming familiar with every detail of your case, we can properly strategize your case, applying the laws along with personal injury settlement know-hows to advocate for your best compensation.  Our ability to anticipate and respond to insurance adjusters’ dirty tricks and having the resources to go to trial on your behalf have obtained our clients maximum recovery possible.

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