Immigration & Citizenship

Immigration & CitizenshipImmigration laws and procedures are complex and confusing. Do not let our freedom, your family, your job, and your pursuit of happiness in this great land be at stake because you did not have competent immigration counsel. Whether you are looking to come to the United States temporarily, wish to obtain a permanent green card, fight deportation, or obtain citizenship, we are here to help you.

We Offer:  

Our legal team is committed to diligent, efficient, and effective immigration representation. We focus on results and make client satisfaction our first priority.  Referrals from happy clients is the basis of the firm’s continued growth.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers:   Immigration law is the core of what we do.  Our team members have worked on immigration law and advocacy across the public, private, and academic sectors, including advocating for immigration reform legislation in United States Congress and clerking for 4 Immigration Judges at one of the largest United States Immigration Courts.  We are experienced in handling a wide variety of immigration issues, from family-based petitions to work and business visas.

Nationwide & International Practice:  We Represent Clients Nationwide as well as Internationally.

Comprehensive Service:  Furthermore, immigration law often involves collateral issues that require additional expertise in other areas of law.  An immigration lawyer without knowledge and experience in criminal law, family law or business law will likely make mistakes harmful to his client’s case.  Because our immigration practice is well integrated with our family law, business law, and criminal defense practice, this allows us to understand the underlying issues involved as well as the sensitive needs of businesses and investors.  We can see problems that other firms that do not have a strong business background, cannot and we offer a more comprehensive service.